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No Photo

Hi I have been trying to post a photo on Critique but the Photo never comes up,could somebody please tell me were i am going wrong ,this is what I do, 1click post a thread/subject/ message / post1/file selects photo /attachments/post thread ,your help would be appreciated Thanks


The add photo by attachment is still not working. The add image by URL is working at this time. To use the URL function, you will see a photo icon you can click and add the URL. The system will not allow me to add a screenshot for the icon. But, it is on the top row of options when you see the bold, italics, underscore, so forth buttons. 

Hope this helps in the meantime.

[Image: _SF5h3lqjKZn59vmrxLA9vviC7HBF9Ou4Yo762W_...FNsj9lDHB0]

Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

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