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I call this image "Obstruction", because of the way the water funnels gracefully through the gateway between two stones, only to run headlong into a third rock smack in the middle of the channel. I looked at this scene for several minutes before I took the shot, marveling at how much it reminded me of life. Like the stream, we float blissfully along, everything seems to be going just fine, then wham! We run into an obstruction, a delay, a setback. We all face these obstacles in life, some much more severe than others, but how we deal with them speaks volumes about us. Do we give up and let these impediments stop us? Do we sink into depression, or rant and vent our anger that some life event has set us back? Or do we, like this little stream, simply find a way around the obstacle, then regroup on the other side and move on? I think that's one of the many reasons that I love photographing nature - it holds so many life lessons for those willing to really see and learn...

Okay, enough of my penny-ante philosophy! ;D

[Image: Obstructionsm.jpg]
~ Rocky
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Nice image and great commentary.
Canon stuff.
Great post. Lovely photo as well.

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