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Old People and Cameras
Hello. My coworker has asked me to ask you camera experts out there if you can recommend a digital camera for old people. (I think to be considered 'Old' you'd have to fall into the +65 years category?? Rolleyes )

Apparently his folks are going to go travel the world and are looking to buy a good quality digital camera but one that is not so small that they have difficulty finding out which button to press! He said that his folks are frustrated that most digital cameras out there are getting smaller and smaller, which is not very user-friendly for older people, who generally prefer point-and-shoot compact cameras because of their simplicity.

With the plethora of digital cameras out there, can someone please assist by narrowing down the options and put forth some suggestions of cameras suitable to old people.

(By the way, they have a budget of around A$400 to purchase their camera). Any advice will be much appreciated. Big Grin

Thanks heaps!

Don't have a specific camera to recommend but some advice: Not too small - large controls - not too many bells and whistles - solid "auto" mode that takes great shots - onboard auto flash. The fewer options the better. Compact flash (cheap for a large card - get at least 256 MB for a decent length holiday) - and let's not forget LONG battery life - people used to film cameras always get caught short by short battery life.

I would suggest a 2MP (they won't be cropping) low end camera by a reputable company - Canon, Nikon, Olympus - you get the idea.
I wonder if Kodak will ever bring out a Digital Box Brownie?
StudioJ Wrote:I wonder if Kodak will ever bring out a Digital Box Brownie?

:/ hmmmm.
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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how about a digital pinhole camera? Smile
Digital brownie!!!! hehehe!!~!@~

I usually hear the "I don't like digital, it's too complicated..."

Ok, back on the topic guys... Smile

I think for $400 AUD, there isn't much out there you can get. But as Toad suggested, something by Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Olympus etc. would be good.
Digital Brownie! Big Grin

[Image: Digital%20Brownie.jpg]
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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lol... good one Pet-o! Smile

Does it have Image Stabilisation? Big Grin
Does it come complete with a B&W LCD screen?

Some of the guys here use Pentax Optio camera which is rather decent.
generally Kodak are pretty cheap and the sizes arent too small ..
(just been to kodak event last night) ~_~

Are you going to sell you Canon and go for a Kodak now Peter?
Complete with image stabilization for the elderly with tremors and yes, if you look on the top, that is a B&W lcd screen. The viewfinder has been eliminated. They kept the lcd screen on top so you can still look down on the camera when taking images. Cool
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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