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Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds Rumour
No, my shop shows no sign of getting the E-P1, but they've surprised me before. They recently got a couple of GH-1's in, and both $1800 cameras sold fairly quickly.

Here's a fun link:
It lets you mix and match different lenses on different Olympus and Panasonic bodies, including both 4/3 and Micro 4/3.

Here's the side view of what the E-P1 will look like with my 35-100 attached:

[Image: 581106179_msWrF-M.png]

Here's the front view of the E-P1 with the 300mm f/2.8 attached:

[Image: 581106194_6DMru-M.png]

Big Grin • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. we have the above shot of a top-side view of the Olympus micro four-thirds compact, here branded as the E-P1. After the oh so retro styling hits you, you’ll of course immediately notice the 17mm f/2.8 prime lens attached. 17mm would work itself out to a 34mm equivalent, again a classic fixed width length in keeping with the lineage of the Pen camera that Olympus has been promoting into the leadup of what we’ll call the E-P1 announcement. Now, that’s an interesting length, but I suspect that we’ll be seeing the 14-42mm offered as well in a E-P1 size. Checking the mode dial, you’ve got you’re P, A, S, and M shooting modes offered, as well as an Auto, Scene, and Art, which means Art filters will be making an appearance on the E-P1 . There’s one more icon on that mode dial, and that movie camera icon points to a video mode, and I’d expect that to be a 720p offering, though given the Panasonic GH-1, we all know full well the potentials that a movie mode could bring in a micro four thirds camera. Also note the mode dial flush with the top of the camera, and looks to be accessed via the black dial on the back of the camera. Other than that all we have clearly left to discern is a hotshoe mount for an external flash, dual camera strap mounts (no wrist strap here) and an exposure compensation button. That said, you want specifications, and we got some guesses:
Looks like the EP-2 has inadvertantly been leaked... Big Grin
Here's the official announcement for the EP-2. Interesting that they would launch the new model only 5 months after the first one was released. Maybe they're trying to do a one-up on the Panasonic GF1.
I am seriously considering the Panasonic GF1 which is very similar to this camera. When I played with both of them in a camera store, the slow autofocus of the EP1 really felt like a deal breaker to me. I also think that the Panasonic just feels better in the hand. The EVF on the Panasonic is also pretty sweet - I hate holding a camera at arms length, and with my eyes these days, I can't hold it any closer and still see it...Big Grin

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