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On the trail of the world's most ingenious thief

I enjoyed reading this long but interesting piece about a master-thief who hit banks, galleries for millions and eventually running a large crime syndicate. He managed to elude the police and security personnel for quite some time. The officers that finally apprehended him were from Winnipeg - his home town - which if I recall correctly, is where our Don is from! Was this in the local media or something, Don?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the read.

Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for point this story out.

WOW! What a story, like a film... The thief and also the policemen, they are amazing, and very clever but at the end policemen did a great job!

Thank you,

with my love,

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

Ansel Adams


Nice story telling, it's long though
started to skip through the rest

I've been to Schonbrunn Big GrinBig Grin hehe

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