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One click portrait editing option or die-hard Photoshop?
Post processing like creating the original image is a personal thing, which software you use, are you luck enough to have more than one, how you use it them, which do you use first all questions that only you can answer, for me I have a few software options available from the free downloads NIK etc. and manufactures programs to Adobe lightroom and photoshop, my most used programme is lightroom mainly because this is where I import my images into, the programmes have pre-sets which is of course a one click process now the question, is the one click option pre-set to be ignored or is it some where to start your journey to an improved image by making adjustments after the pre-set, can we learn from the pre-set some pre-sets are quite complex and personally I would not have considered some of the adjustments contained within them.

So Gentlemen answers on a post card.

Cheers Pete
RAW to the core.

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RE: One click portrait editing option or die-hard Photoshop? - by Eddy Canon - Aug 15, 2016, 03:24

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