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Optical viewfinders and final image?

For those with DSLRs, Optical viewfinders give you a true through the lens picture, but the 3D image your eye sees doesn't always translate to the 2D final image. I sometimes find that the composition doesn't necessarily turn out the way you pictured it...

Refresh rates and resolution aside, I think EVFs and LCDs are more WYSIWYG - the final image has a higher degree of semblance to what you see on screen...

What about you? What do you prefer?

LCDs are good for composing as you say, but in any questionable light condition, either dark or bright, optical viewfinders win every time - they are big, bright, and sharp.

I have an excellent EVF in my A2 and every time I use it now, I miss the big bright optical viewfinder in my F100.

My Fuji had a pretty good EVF, and it was just horrble in anything but perfect lighting.... the Rebel.s TTL viewfinder is much better.

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