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PCWorld Top 10 PDAs

This is slightly off topic, but PCWorld has posted the top 10 PDAs (in their opinion). I'm a HP 4150 owner myself, so wooohoo! Funny how the Palm OS devices are well and truly at the bottom of the list...


O2 XDA II Man!

Mr.Gadget Australia
Home of quality PC Gadget and Memory Cards!

Sorry man... not in the Top 10! Smile

What?! Sorry no offence to HP, but O2 XDA II's rock mate! That list is rigged! Smile

Mr.Gadget Australia
Home of quality PC Gadget and Memory Cards!

I have an O2 XDA II and its all i ever need! I can make calls, take down notes, surf the net, take photos, take video. I cant imagine carrying around a PDA plus a PHONE again!

Technology convergence is the way to go. If you PDA is not a phone, its not a business tool, its just a toy!

Im looking to get the XDA pouch that is also a wallet!!!

Want a Faster PC for your pics?
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I'd like to get the 4150, was going to get it while I was overseas, but it was so popular that it was out of stock everywhere: usb, bluetooth, wifi, infrared, so small and nice Smile haha
My dad wants to get it now, but the one with the keyboard.

Yeah, the 4350 rocks too - the one with the attached keyboard. It's got a larger capacity battery than the 4150. Smile

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