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With all the photographers out there and so many people trying to develop unique styles for work, I have heard of this term a few times. Basically it applies to photographers that take their work and do some much editing but still retain quality that the end result looks like photos turned to paintings but it ends up being a bland.

Some of it I am guessing it a mix between HDR and editing techniques like high pass filters and dodge and burn. I wanted to see what thoughts others had on the topic.

Dave Hill is a photographer, here in the US, that does some phenomenal work that is very stylized. Any favorites among the group?

Dave Hill certainly has some interesting work, and it's always nice to see something different.

Your definition of paintography sounds like it has a much broader definition than just including those who use painting's tools and techniques, even digitally. I'd call Hill's work photography or photo-illustration; techniques like compositing and tonal controls - even extreme ones - are nothing new and aren't limited to the current digital age. Cross-processed film still makes photos; Pictorialism was essentially an effort to make photographs not look like photography.

So I have to say that I'm not a fan of the word, but I do like the idea. I just think it's too early in the development of digital art and its interaction with photography to start looking for new words. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

I am not quite sure if I like Dave Hill's work. It is very nicely done, and most probably he satisfies the demands of certain public... probably what I don't like much is the topics he works with.

I am not at all against post processing, I do like it and I do a lot in my pictures sometimes, but I enjoy a lot my photography without much post processing as well.

There is a photographer, Rarindra Prakarsa that has really lovely work. It is very manipulated but I like his technique with colors and light. He starts with great photographs and creats with them his own world.

Here is the link to his work.

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Spectacular photos Irma. I can see why you love it.

Thank you all for posting links to different photographers, I must admit that Dave Hill's images did not appeal to me, to a great degree because of the subject matter of many of them and the message I read into these images and in part because the photos look to me cartoonish and like something advertizing agencies would want to sell their product. Pavel

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The appellation sounds faintly derogatory to me , I confess, as if it's a mediocre halfway house between the 2 art forms. However, the skills and results can be very moving and sublime. In a sense, who can deny that they've put a foot on this path as soon as they post-process past a "straight" conversion..? Excellent stuff, I reckon folks can feel freee to use whatever tools at their power and disposal to create the final product that matches most closely their inner vision.
Matt's use of the term "photo-illustration" sounds more kind..yet again does not quite encapsulate all that's going on: no big deal in a way, as the final product surely will "speak" and not need a label.
I'm all for folks pushing the boundaries in order to create what they musings anyway. Nice post!

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