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Peacocks at uni
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Aug 20, 2004, 16:11 #1
adam Posting Freak *****
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At uni, outside the arts lecture theatre, just before going in, I see a peacock showing it's feathers and planned to go take photographs of it after the lecture.
After the lecture I go outside, and see many people watching: the peacock is trying to attract the female peacock (peahen?). It goes up to it with it's feathers all spread out and shakes, making a rattling sound.
There were some funny people amongst the crowd shouting "go for it!!!"
Then the peahen walked away showing no interest, and they shouted out "REJECTED!!"
Then the peacock just went to another of the females and tried again "He's going for another one!!!"..

Once again, the peacock failed to attract the female.
..............Then it turned around and started walking to the crowd.....

Here's some pics Smile

[Image: peacock3.jpg]
The peacock

[Image: peacock1.jpg]
"Look at me!! look at me!!!" while the female shows no interest.

[Image: peacock2.jpg]
"LOOK at ME!!!"

Aug 20, 2004, 16:19 #2
shuttertalk Shuttertalker *******
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Hahah, great photos adam! I don't think I've ever seen peacocks in Melbourne. I remember seeing them in Tassie...

That's so funny - rejected!! The male must have been thinking, "I can't perform under all this pressure" (with all the people looking on and screaming) Big Grin

(Nice borders by the way, adam Wink)

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