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Phil J and Freeman meet up

A while ago, I posted some images in a competition on this forum, including shots of vintage cars randomly taken on the road not far from my home.

A gentleman contacted me to ask how I had captured him driving a Morgan sports car. It seemed he lived close by and by chance, I had snapped him passing by. How extraordinary.

The said gentleman and I met last week for the first time at the Plough and Harrow in Guarlford - an old haunt of his.

Here's the evidence of a fast and furious conversation (and lunch) which we were both loathe to bring to an end. I doubt it will be the last time we meet.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Phil!

Regards all


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Great story.

A few years ago I snapped a stagecoach at an old west event. I entered that image at a seminar for critique. The gentleman giving critique turned out to be the grandfather of a young lady riding next to the driver.

Two happy chaps. Great. Ed.

To each his own!

Hi Jeff.

Yes, it certainly was a highly pleasurable way of spending the afternoon Jeff. Great conversation and a first class lunch, I can't think of much that would beat that.

Thanks for the 'meet up'. We must do it again, sooner rather than later. Smile

Best regards.


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