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Picture Project / In Touch
Hi there. New here. If I am not in the right spot could someone be so kind as to redirect me.

I have two questions. First one is for Picture Project. I have enjoyed it pretty well....however....I am not able to access the "design" button. It is not highlighted and I can't figure out why.

My second question is for In Touch. When I want to "share" my photos....all is fine until I click the "send" button and then absolutely nothing happens. I believe when I first started using this about 8 months ago I recall that I was able to make an album and was successful at sharing it. Now I just get a 'network' error.

Any help would be fantastic!


I just thought of a couple more questions. I'm slightly overwhelmed here. When I purchased my nikon....and started importing photos and whatnot.... I was overwhelmed with both Picture Project and Photo shop. Which one should I use? What do other people out there prefer. Now...........I recently tried Picasa. So, now I have photos all over my computer. If I delete Picasa off my computer will all my pictures be gone?

My biggest concern I suppose is sharing photos in bulk. I want the easiest method out there....but also one that allows for making captions, editing ....etc.

Thank you very much.

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