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Picture Project / In Touch
Hi there. New here. If I am not in the right spot could someone be so kind as to redirect me.

I have two questions. First one is for Picture Project. I have enjoyed it pretty well....however....I am not able to access the "design" button. It is not highlighted and I can't figure out why.

My second question is for In Touch. When I want to "share" my photos....all is fine until I click the "send" button and then absolutely nothing happens. I believe when I first started using this about 8 months ago I recall that I was able to make an album and was successful at sharing it. Now I just get a 'network' error.

Any help would be fantastic!


I just thought of a couple more questions. I'm slightly overwhelmed here. When I purchased my nikon....and started importing photos and whatnot.... I was overwhelmed with both Picture Project and Photo shop. Which one should I use? What do other people out there prefer. Now...........I recently tried Picasa. So, now I have photos all over my computer. If I delete Picasa off my computer will all my pictures be gone?

My biggest concern I suppose is sharing photos in bulk. I want the easiest method out there....but also one that allows for making captions, editing ....etc.

Thank you very much.
I don't have trouble with Canon.Big Grin
Try this link for picture project as it seems to be a Nikon freebie.
If you get no joy with Nikon, then maybe delete it, and then re load it, but save your pics somewhere first.

Photoshop is supposed to be the best, but don't take my word. It takes some learning to get most of the benefits though.
Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.
Hey Jo, welcome!

I know it can all be very daunting but hang in there, and it will pay off in time!

I'm a Nikon user too, and I used Picture Project a little, but moved on to something else and haven't kept up to date so I can't answer those technical questions unfortunately.

Just a bit of explanation regarding Photoshop and Picture Project - they're two different types of applications - the first is an image editing application, where you do heavy editing of your photos, usually one at a time. The second is an image management application, which is used to manage, sort, albumize your collection of photos so you can access your favourites easily. Other examples of image management software are (in order of decreasing ease of use) picasa, adobe photoshop elements, adobe lightroom, etc.

To start of with, I would suggest Picasa as an image management application - it's pretty simple and straightforward, allows you to make quick edits and has a few sharing options - e.g. via email or google's picasa web albums. The second thing I like about picasa is that it is non-destructive - i.e. if you edit your photos, the originals are not modified in any way, and you can always revert changes. In the same manner, if you decide to delete the program, it should leave your photos in their original location. All programs should do this.

Hope that helps - feel free to ask more questions...


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