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Plan shots
What do you usually do?
Just walk around with your camera looking for something to take a photograph of?
Or go out with a plan of what you want to take a photograph of, or even more specifically, an exact description in your head (or on paper) of how the picture will look like - so you see the picture before you even take it, or even leave the house to take it.
Maybe unless you're in a studio, getting everything under control could be difficult.

And then taking photographs of people, say, a portrait;
Do you have set poses that you set the subject to do?

Just wondering Smile

I rarely plan what I am going to shoot... I will plan where. And if I am going to Yosemite I will have an idea of where I want to concentrate my shots.
Hmm this post is familiar, didn't we have it a few months ago?

I'm a notorious planner, spontaneity is fun but it doesn't happen very often!

Since its a current subject this shoot on Friday, its been in the planning for about ten days now. Organising with the client what they expect and if there are any angles they are looking for, organising and scouting the location and outfits. And of course the humble assistant Smile

Once I get to the shoot I run through a list of example poses that would suit whatever theme we are looking for and then trying to get everything to fit together.
Yes, in my mind, it's a very familiar sort of thing; but from searching the forums for the word "plan" I didn't find the thread about it! Maybe because I didn't go through the many pages of search results! oops!

*starts planning*
Heheh, I do recall something similar... I think the only time I really planned was when I did a wedding shoot, but apart from that, call me Mr. Spontaneous. I don't mind arranging a few things here and there to suit to composition, but I rarely visualise beforehand...

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