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Pop-up flash diffuser


This photo was taken by my grandson using my Canon 7D, Canon EF 50mm f2.8 Compact Macro and a flash diffuser made from a 2 litre milk bottle.

There are many ways to make a pop up flash diffuser on the web, mostly small ones that just cover the pop up flash head, made from pieces of milk bottle plastic or even plastic film canisters. Of them all, this is the one that works for me, particularly for close-up work. It is sometimes referred to as the "poor mans ring flash."

If you haven't tried this before, pay attention and keep up at the back....

I cut the side out of a 2L plastic milk bottle (or jug to you lot over the pond,) rounded the corners off and using an old 52mm filter ring as a template, and a black sharpie, (fine point marker pen, you lot over there) I marked a circle on the plastic the same diameter as the filter ring. I cut the hole out using an Xacto knife, being careful to cut exactly on inside of the marked circle so as to have a tight push fit over the barrel of the lens.


Here's a link to another demonstration in making one:

The diffuser is a tight enough push fit to sit firmly in position - you don't want it too loose so that it rotates and falls off. Some lenses have a front barrel that does not rotate when the lens is focussed, some do not. Using the diffuser on my Nikon 55mm f2.8 Ais Micro Nikkor, I focus the lens first, then fit the diffuser, then achieve correct focus by moving the camera back and forth. It fits nicely in the front compartment of my camera backpack.

Give it a try - you may find it useful, even for portraits.

Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink


Clever. Ed.

To each his own!

Now that's a brilliant idea. Thanks Graham.

Ask yourself, "What's most important for the final image?".

A great money saving tip - thank you Graham

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