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A couple of images from a resent lighting techniques workshop

RAW to the core.

I think that's what I want to do this coming year, find some workshops on lighting and maybe posing. Nicely done.

Excellent shots. I'm with you guys, people photography is interesting more and more. And definitely more than any other area.

Thank you gentlemen, lighting techniques are interesting in as much as they tend to follow the master painters i.e Rembrandt,
Caravaggio etc, not forgetting the Hollywood stile, if you have time to troll the web you will discover a wealth of ideas, this workshop has made me look at paintings in a different light (mind the pun), posing the models did not come easy it was challenging to be able to get the correct pose, a) not being sure what look you were after, b) trying to explain the posture and look you required , but an excellent workshop.

Have fun.


RAW to the core.

Rembrandt and Caravaggio are two of my favourites, Pete. I have books of their paintings right next to my photography books. You're right, they are very inspirational.

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