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Presetsheaven - free lightroom presets
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Oct 25, 2008, 02:58 #1
shuttertalk Shuttertalker *******
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There should be more sites like this, I tell ya...


Quote:I started this blog because I got tired of spending time, looking for presets on the net, just to find out that most of the best ones I have to pay for. I have the vision to make this blog the biggest resource for free “high quality” Lightroom presets on the Internet.
Side thought - anyone used lightroom 2 yet? How do you find it?

Oct 25, 2008, 05:14 #2
matthew Shuttertalker *****
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Lightroom 2? That's sooo yesterday. We're on Lightroom 2.1 now. Cool

Version 2.x is starting to lose some of the intuitiveness and straightforward design of the original, but the image editing is much more powerful and I really like the integration with CS3. It's now possible to merge images to panoramas, HDR, or open them as layers in a single PS directly from LR. That was about the last thing that Bridge was still useful for, and I'm happy to be rid of it.

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