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Problems with Canon flash
I have a problem with the pop up flash on my 400D

The problem is that my pop up flash doesn´t! It doesn´t pop up and it doesn´t flash if I lift it up manually. As I now live in Spain its difficult to find a canon dealer who can understand my poor Spanish, or speaks good enough English to ask them, and there´s the cost.
I´ve tried checking all the settings but can´t see that I´ve blocked it somehow, however I have just noticed puzzling messages on the exif data of the shots taken.

Looking on the shot details on every one I´ve taken it says in the flash info.....did not fire, no strobe return detection,.....Compuslory flash suppression(2) ....... flash function present.

This has shown on every shot I´ve taken since the flash stopped functioning.

Does this mean anything to anyone.

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Hi Pete,

The exif data is simply telling you that the flash was not used. This makes sense if the flash is not firing. The exif data is not giving you an error message - it is just telling you what you know already - your flash isn't being used.

Try setting the camera back to factory settings (should be an option in your menu) and see if the flash works than. If that doesn't work than you will need to take it in for a service unfortunately.
Canon stuff.
Hmm interesting... I think if you set it to P mode and lift the flash, it should fire. If not, toggle the flash mode - it should go from on, to red-eye reduction, to slow sync, to off. If it still doesn't fire, then maybe try the reset as wedding shooter suggested...
Thanks for your suggestions. I tried resetting factory settings and that seems to have worked. Still cannot find what setting stopped the flash working though. but at least I can use it now.
thanks again Wedding Shooter

Help save the rainforests
You are welcome.
Canon stuff.

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