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Quiz help: Aperture for proper exposure
Hey just doing an online quiz... wonder if anyone who knows the answers can help me out?

Quote:1. To properly expose a scene in full sun, one should set the shutter speed to 1 divided by the film speed and set the aperture to what?

f 1.0
f 16
f 8
f 11

Quote:2. If you want to make pictures that have high contrast, you should do all of the following except which one of these?

make sure the sun is coming from over your shoulder
take pictures early or late in the day
find and use a high contrast film
have the picture printed slightly dark

Quote:3. All other things equal, camera shake will be minimized by having the shutter release located

on the top right of the camera
on the side of the lens
on the right edge of the camera
on the front on the camera facing out

Wow, I didn't know placement of the shutter release can affect camera stability....

Hmm well there is the "sunny 16" rule for shooting in full sun so that one shouldn't be hard to guess. I don't know that low sun would make it contrasty but I don't know that printing an image dark would make it more contrasty, just darker with grey for your whites so that one seems more obvious.

Last one I have no idea on, it sounds rather unusual, some cameras have the shutter on the front facing out but most have them on the top right.. got me beat Smile

Whats your quiz for?
Oh yeah, that's right... I do remember something about the sunny f/16 rule...

The quiz is just an online quiz to test your general photography knowledge... hehhe.
If I were doing the quiz I would guess 1 to be 16 as I use (saw some where too) what you should use the lowest (f/2.8 (on mine iirc)) apature if you want to take pics of the dark with out a flash
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