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RE: Unable to open RAW file in CS6
(May 9, 2016, 04:41)Lindy Wrote:
(May 8, 2016, 21:17)Pegger3D Wrote:
(May 5, 2016, 14:18)Lindy Wrote:
(May 5, 2016, 14:03)EdMak Wrote: What operating system on computer. Ed.

Windows 10, but if you're about to try and walk me through something, you'll wish you hadn't started, trust me !!!
Hi Lindy,

I think your issue is the SD card, not the software.

If you move an SD from one camera to another, or even to a different slot in the same camera, the issue can come up.

Is that what you did? And do you already have backup copies of the pix from the old camera on your computer?

Are you using the Nikon ViewNX Software to download your images to your computer?

When you turn on the new camera and go to the View, can you see the pictures that you took?

Once you answer those questions, I may be able to help you further.

Hi, Hubby has managed to fix the problem for me. I couldn't tell you exactly how, but I know he reinstalled something 9.1.1 ! I was switching my SD card from one camera to another, so that may well have been the problem. Still very much learning as I go along, it's great to have you guys on hand. Thanks for all the help.

That's great Lindy. It was likely just an issue with updating Camera Raw software.

But, it is never a good idea to swap around SD cards.

I suggest you look for a new one for the new camera. Sandisk is the best.

I have had an issue with Lexar, so IMO stick with Sandisk.

If you can afford it, try to get one with the best read/write rating.

At least 98Mb/Sec. Enjoy the new camera.

I have one suggestion for you. When I first bought my D7100, I bought an inexpensive E-book specific to that model. There is not one that I have seen for the D7200, but the one I got for mine will do just fine for yours.

I don't usually spend money on these books and just download the manual to learn the camera, but believe me, this book will save you hours of time learning the camera.
About the only thing it would not cover is the D7200 has built-in WiFi and the D7100 you need an adapter to get WiFi.

The E-Book is called... D7100 From Snapshots to Great Shots by John Batdorff.

Make sure that you get the E-Book. The paperback is about $25. The E-Book is $9.99.

HERE is the link.



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