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Ricoh GR Digital
According to the front page news feed from dpreview (Big Grin) Ricoh has announced the Ricoh GR Digital - a high end compact that supposedly inherits the qualities of its famous film counterpart...

Some interesting features:
- F/2.4 28mm equiv fixed focal length lens
- high-performance externally attached optional viewfinder instead. It fits on a hot shoe almost directly above the lens to help achieve more accurate framing
- high-definition, large 2.5-inch/210,000 pixel LCD
- Images are simultaneously stored in uncompressed RAW and JPEG formats.
- twin dials for aperture and shutter speed
- seven- blade aperture and neutral density (ND) filter

I wonder how well received this camera is going to be. From my own tests, their compact digitals leave something to be desired in the quality department. However, this one seems to be drawing on the kudos of the analog GR series and is aimed towards professionals and enthusiasts...

Any thoughts?

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