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Rufus's shop

Hello guys! Smile

Just thought I'd tell you about Rufus's shop. I'm reasonable happy saying this here, 'cos 99% of you arent in the UK, and so it isnt spam..... Or is it???

I have a shop!!! It's VERY new, and not really stocked up yet, but it's trading! Big Grin

Also, I'm in with a Luthier called Paul. I'm shooting some of his stock.
Here's one he just made.
[Image: Paul3.jpg]

Do you like it?

More soon. Must go and buy biscuits!! Tongue

Cave canem

Nice! Hope it all goes well!

Any discounts for Shuttertalkers? Big Grin

shuttertalk Wrote:Nice! Hope it all goes well!

Any discounts for Shuttertalkers? Big Grin
Yes, absolutely.Smile
The only thing is, that with postage/shipping it's all fairly useless to non UK Shuttertalkers. :/

Cave canem

That wang-bar setup looks very much like the one on my old Fender Mustang.
I learned how to balance tremolo springs on that very system at age 13--Strats and the Floyd-Rose system are pieces of cake after such early training.

Hope your shop does very well, Rufus.
Try to be just rude enough to your customers so they remember you.

Yes, it is a lesser-seen system these days.

Just been visiting Paul, and he has now completed a PRS style 12/6 doubleneck.
Seeing it, I realise that I'm wrong to say I cant help non UK'ers...... I can ship you these ETHOS guitars.
The equivalent custom PRS is £22000, that is about $40000 us.
Mind ewe, they take months to build, obviously.

Do you guys like my soundfile on ?? You can hear my real, English voice talking on it.
It's a sample of the sound of a special pick. Great! Big Grin

Ho hum......


Cave canem

Very nice but I cant pay that just for the colour Big Grin Have to stick with my 73 precision.

Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.

Have to stick with my 73 precision...............

Yes, someone has to support the old stuff. Big Grin

Cave canem

Hah, just realised that my web link in the side panel goes to and not

Good thing I'm not trying to promote both!!!!! Big Grin

Cave canem

Grats Rufus, hope all the work pays off for you Smile

Thanks E Bob! Smile

I'm working on an "own brand" product now.....

It's VERY simple, but utilises photography, craft, music and practical purpose......

I'll show you guys what it is when it's done!

Cave canem

Show us now, you tease.

Nice to see you, dog.

Hello Mr Toad! How are you? Smile

Cave canem

Another day older and deeper in debt...

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