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Scanner Help
Hey, just wondering if you computer experts can help. I'm running windows XP home edition on my desktop PC, and have a Canon LiDE 20 USB scanner. A while back I installed a dodgy USB TV Card, which didn't work. I uninstalled the drivers and card and returned it, and now my Scanner doesn't work!!

Everytime I boot up, it says "Unrecognised USB device" or something like that. I've tried reinstalling the Canon drivers, but it says that it's already installed, but I can't find anywhere to uninstall them? Sad
When windows is fully loaded try pulling the USB cord out of the computer and then waiting like 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Sometimes our computer will say that our USB HP printer is not there when everything is plugged in and on. But if you pull the USB cord out then put it back in it works because it forces windows to reload the drivers if you get what I mean.

Is it possible that when unistalling the TV Card it removed the USB controller drivers?

If you look in 'device management' can you find a 'USB Cannon Scanner' or something similar? If there is try deleting that hardware profile and rebooting.
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Thanks dude... I'll see if it works...

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