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Screen protectors for LCDs
Does anyone use screen protectors for their LCDs? My old Nikon digicam LCD got a scratch when it dropped from my car seat... more cosmetic than anything, but still annoying.

Are there screen protectors for digicams? They're pretty common for PDAs...
Hey, I never thought of that... I should trim one of my PDA screen protectors and stick on my Panny! Thanks, ST!
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Heheh, let me know how you go. I tried that for my S5000, but looked a bit odd so I took it off. Wink
Sorry about reviving an old post, was just going through them.

Screen protectors are a very good idea, I use them on my mobile phone, having to cut them to shape/size is abit tricky but there are pre-cut ones out there that are available. One of the things I like about my D70 is that there is a plastic LCD protector but this gets in the way with it getting fogged up and smudges.

I will be ditching that for a stick on protector soon. A tip when looking for screen protectors is to get the "removable" kind so they don't leave a sticky residue and if you don't stick it right the first time, you can always remove it and reapply.
Yeah, the sticky ones are a pain to apply and remove. The removable kind you mention is great IMHO... I've heard EXIM ones are good...
I used one for a while for my A70. It had bubbles in it which eventually cleared. But the edges kept coming loose especially when I staarted putting viewing hood on. I just tolerate a certain amount of low grade scratching.

By the way, my kit came with a polish to remove scratches. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate it 5.

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I use the same ones from my Ipaq on my Rebel screen.
I have had extremely good luck with the screen on my DRebel. It is very durable and doesn't scratch all that easily. "Knock on wood." Mine doesn't have a mark on it.
Hoodman has a protector that snaps into place and also has a new kind specially for the DRebel that I saw in Shutterbug magazine. It snaps into place and flips open to shade the light.
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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I'm with Don on this one. I don't like the lossy quality of screen protectors. iPod scratch remover works a charm for removing monor scratches on LCD screens.

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