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Shooting balls

I might be shooting a friend's school ball next week.
Does anyone here have any tips on shooting this type of event?
I'm going to be using 300D; I've got a 50mm f/1.8 and the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, should I bring both?
I want to do it right this time, sort of made a mess of all my school ball pictures a few years ago, using the compact digital - many were out of focus and just looked bad.

I think the f/1.8 would be better since its going to be quite dark in there, but at the same time, I'd like to use zoom.

Is there anything else I should bring or take note of when shooting?


Use an external flash, or if you don't have one, perhaps hire one.

Expecially if it's indoors/at night - I find that in low light, the 300D fires its flash like crazy to assist in the focusing... which tends to blind everyone in the process. Most speedlights have a Infrared AF sensor on them to prevent this. Big Grin

a flash, thanks for the suggestion - I'll see if any of my friends have got one

If you're taking shots of people dancing, ask them to pause/ slow down to take a shot. A lot of professional photographer does that at weddings.

How did it go, adam? Big Grin

I went to South Perth to wait for them to come, then they called me and said that the limo changed plans and was going to King's park, so I went straight to the hotel and took the pictures while they were waiting outside to go in.
I didn't go inside to take pictures, because they were closing the doors, and then I wouldn't have a seat Smile
I regret not taking more photographs as I thought that I would be taking more after. I'll post some here, if I have their permission Smile

hehe them here anyways ...

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