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ShutterTalk Digital Photography Open Competition (Contest) August 2017: Black & White
ShutterTalk Digital Photography Open Competition (Contest) August 2017: Black & White

NEW GUIDELINES for this Competition: Please Read Below

Category: Black & White
Contest Begins: August 1, 2017
Contest Ends: August 31, 2017
Open To: ShutterTalk Digital Photography Forum Members
Contest Type: International Photography Competition (Contest)
Prize: Amazon Gift Card (Undisclosed Amount)

NOTE: This contest will be for the month of August.


Submit up to three photos of digital photographs of some of your best photo shots in black and white. This is an open category and can include a variety of styles of photography - people, places, things.

For this particular competition, the photos do not have a time limit on when they have been taken. Photos entered can be from years ago, as well as more recently. They just need to be posted in this thread by the end of the competition to be counted within this contest. 

Images must be posted here in this forum thread and be owned legally by the contributing member. Please also submit information about where the photo was taken along with some brief details. 

The photograph should be interesting and draw the individual into the scene! We look forward to seeing your photographs!


Judging will consider different criteria including, but not limited to, creativity, relevance to the category, and photo quality. Judging will occur when the contest ends and results will be posted in the forums as soon as possible.

Winning Multiple Times During Monthly Contests - NEW

A member can be chosen as the winner twice within a six month period. This will even the "playing field" to some degree to allow other members the ability to enter their high-quality photographs and have the opportunity to also be chosen as the winner during a new monthly contest theme. 

Please refrain from commenting on other's posts in this thread until the contest end date. 

How do I upload photos on the forums?

Here are a few threads which should be helpful in uploading photos to the forums. Please feel free to send me a message if you need additional help.

How To Attach Multiple Photos

How To Attach Photos

Letting Others Know about the Contest

We would love to let others know about our contests. We plan to have a contest each month. If you have friends who love photography, please let them know!

If you love social media, please share with your media friends about the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blogs, everywhere! We would love to have them in here in the forums and be a part of the contests!


Please let us know if you have any questions!
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!
It seems so many months I forget all about this until the day after I should of entered! Well not this month! August entries below.

Civil War Skirmisher
[Image: 31711613086_e3be066aff_b.jpg]

Peace Lily
[Image: 35920798430_f5a7904446_b.jpg]

Merced River
[Image: 36180802071_65bc12e91b_b.jpg]
This is a colour shot converted to B+W in Lightroom CC.
DMC - FZ200, AP, 1/1600 @ f/4 ISO 100. 8.4mm ( 51mm equivalent )
Moreton Great Hall.


Regards to All,
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.
Norwegian Waterfall
Shoreham College
RAW to the core.
I do enjoy black and white. I'll keep to a "performance" theme here.

First up we have one of the finest singer-songwriters on the planet, Jeffrey Foucault. Here doing a very intimate gig in Bristol. Taken on Fuji x-pro1

[Image: 16425808076_57c2e9f338_z.jpg]

Then a couple of local musicians, Martine and Nick, playing at Ledbury. This one was taken on the tiny Panasonic GM1:

[Image: 29245271451_55b2c91f53_z.jpg]

And lastly a comedian, "Marti", taken on the D7100:

[Image: 29758778081_9384489133_z.jpg]

[Image: Vette%20at%20Loggerheads-1.jpg]
DMC-FZ200,SP 1/1250 @f/3.2 ISO100 17.8mm.
Taken @ Westport Lake. Converted in Lightroom CC.


" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.
[Image: 72157687980417865][Image: 72157687980417865][Image: 72157687980417865]
Straw bails on Trailer

Black and White Cow

Bridlington Harbour
Exeter Cathedral (July 2017):




[ All hand-held, Pentax K-3 and 28-105mm zoom; colour JPEGs from camera, converted to mono and adjusted using Nik Silver Efex Pro and PaintShop Pro; first image is a composite (top and bottom) combined in Microsoft ICE software. ]

[img][Image: 27408501814_4559611c22_c.jpg]_mg_3333 logs mono by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Taken at Westwoods near Avebury.
[img][Image: 22036708515_aba3826dfb_c.jpg]IMG_3677 take aim 1 by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Dorset Coast
[img][Image: 21329095706_6d52601fce_c.jpg]_MG_1744 who said that 3 by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Taken at a parade of the Gloucester's in Bristol. All soldiers were held back in Photoshop except the main figure which was highlighted.
Thank you to each of you who contributed to the August photography contest! There were many awesome photos entered!

Keep up the great work - you could be the next winner!

Congrats to Eddy Canon for the winning pic (post 4b).

Job well done!
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!
Well done, Ed. Thoroughly deserved!
Congrats Eddy. Superb composition. Smile
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.
'Well done!' to Eddy, for the wonderful winning shot, one of those 'wish I'd taken that' photos! In my view, and as Barbara has suggested, this thread has a high proportion of good quality images, and of such a wide variety of subjects, so well done everyone here.

Thanks to one and all for your kind words, yes there are some excellent entries in this competition which to be fair has made the win even more pleasurable.

RAW to the core.
Congrats Pete, great shot.

There were so many great entries this month.
Very well deserved Pete, super. A bit late, apologies. I am ill. Cheers. Ed.
To each his own!
(Sep 6, 2017, 13:55)EdMak Wrote: Very well deserved Pete, super. A bit late, apologies. I am ill.   Cheers.  Ed.
Hi Ed thank you, sorry you're unwell hope you get better soon.
RAW to the core.

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