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ShutterTalk Digital Photography Open Competition (Contest) October 2017 Fall (Autumn)
ShutterTalk Digital Photography Open Competition (Contest) October 2017: Fall (Autumn) Season

NEW GUIDELINES for this Competition: Please Read Below

Category: Fall (Autumn) Season
Contest Begins: October 1, 2017
Contest Ends: October 31, 2017
Open To: ShutterTalk Digital Photography Forum Members
Contest Type: International Photography Competition (Contest)
Prize: Amazon Gift Card (Undisclosed Amount)

NOTE: This contest will be for the month of October.


Submit up to three photos of digital photographs of some of your best photos related to Fall (Autumn) time of the year. This is an open category and can include a variety of styles of photography - people, places, things which provide a sense of the Fall (Autumn) season in some way.

For this particular competition, the photos do not have a time limit on when they have been taken. Photos entered can be from years ago, as well as more recently. They just need to be posted in this thread by the end of the competition to be counted within this contest. 

Images must be posted here in this forum thread and be owned legally by the contributing member. Please also submit information about where the photo was taken along with some brief details. 

The photograph should be interesting and draw the individual into the scene! We look forward to seeing your photographs!


Judging will consider different criteria including, but not limited to, creativity, relevance to the category, and photo quality. Judging will occur when the contest ends and results will be posted in the forums as soon as possible.

Winning Multiple Times During Monthly Contests - NEW

A member can be chosen as the winner twice within a six month period. This will even the "playing field" to some degree to allow other members the ability to enter their high-quality photographs and have the opportunity to also be chosen as the winner during a new monthly contest theme. 

Please refrain from commenting on other's posts in this thread until the contest end date. 

How do I upload photos on the forums?

Here are a few threads which should be helpful in uploading photos to the forums. Please feel free to send me a message if you need additional help.

How To Attach Multiple Photos

How To Attach Photos

Letting Others Know about the Contest

We would love to let others know about our contests. We plan to have a contest each month. If you have friends who love photography, please let them know!

If you love social media, please share with your media friends about the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blogs, everywhere! We would love to have them in here in the forums and be a part of the contests!


Please let us know if you have any questions!
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

[img][Image: 20734653344_823f0bc1a7_z.jpg]IMG_0729 stourhead grass bridge final print by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Took this at Stourhead. Wiltshire.
[img][Image: 37596115031_8262fbd241_z.jpg]_mg_5019 house & Trees by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Another Stourhead image taken last week.
All taken within 5 mts.walk from town centre. 

Minolta Dynax  5D, 6.5M Pixels, using 30 year old Tamron  35mm  camera lens, 28-200mm.   Ed.

Attached Files Image(s)
To each his own!
[img][Image: 37638242511_ece0216185_z.jpg]IMG_0750 Stourhead colours by derek webber, on Flickr[/img]Yet another from Stourhead
Autumn is ploughing matches, men and machinery all in the Autumn of their lives !!!
Taken last weekend at he Weald and Downland Autumn Show.

Attached Files Image(s)
RAW to the core.

All taken within a local conservation area.
DMC-FZ200, Manual, Hand Held for all shots.
AUTUMN BUSH. 1/200 @ F/4 ISO 250 7.4mm ( 35mm equivalent : 44mm )
AUTUMN TRAIL. 1/100@f/3.2 ISO250 4mm ( 35mm = 27mm )
AUTUMN TREES. 1/200@f/4 ISO250 49mm (35mm = 295mm )
Processed in PSPx9.
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.
Fallen Leaf:
[Pentax K-70, ISO 2500, 135mm, f/8, 1/200s, EC -1 EV]

Autumn Reflection:
[Pentax K-3, ISO 200, 53mm, f/8, 1/60s, EC -1 EV]

Parking Spaces - Leaves Only:
[Pentax K-70, ISO 1250, 36mm, f/16, 1/60s, EC -1 EV]

[Image adjustments in PaintShop Pro]

The Stroudwater Canal

[Image: 22670471692_be8b604aec_c.jpg]

Lock by Derek Rutherford, on Flickr

[Image: 22658012376_3e1ff50f9f_z.jpg]

Stroudwater by Derek Rutherford, on Flickr

[Image: 22061351174_99faf10752_z.jpg]

Sunday Morning Stroll by Derek Rutherford, on Flickr
Thank you to each of you who contributed to the October photography contest!

Keep up the great work - you could be the next winner!

Congrats to Webber for the winning pic (post 2).
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!
Well done. Ed
To each his own!

(Nov 2, 2017, 12:17)EdMak Wrote: Well done.  Ed

Thanks Ed
Well done

RAW to the core.
(Nov 4, 2017, 03:57)Eddy Canon Wrote: Well done

Thanks Pete.
Congratulations Derek.

Well done Derek.
" Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst "
Henri Cartier - Bresson.

(Nov 4, 2017, 15:57)MrB Wrote: Congratulations Derek.

Thanks Philip.
(Nov 5, 2017, 09:36)Browser Mike Wrote: Well done Derek.
Thanks Mike.
Thanks a lot for sharing this information! I really enjoyed reading this thread! 

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