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Sigma 10-20 pic
Just to comment on the shots, great photos K.
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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Fanks guys Smile

It is lots of fun.. but I have had no time to go out shooting since Friday Sad

...Except today when I had to do a mini-photoshoot of a few of our athletes for the marketing people at work (5 minutes while they were training = rushed!)... No time for anything creative or even thoughtful, just a few quick staged action shots. *sigh* And no chance to pull out the wide-angle lens! :x

I will get out sometime this week though!
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At last!
(back after ISP going broadbanded up!)
I do like the river shots: yesss...I've questioned myself a few times if I'd forgotten to sharpen my Sigma shots in the short time I had it. Hmm.. I coulda had a dud, but hey you obviously don't...good man!
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Welcome back, Zig! Big Grin

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