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Singapore Grand Prix
I was fortunate to be at the Singapore Grand Prix a week or two ago. I would like to share a few of my images and here's the first - it's taken during a starter event for classic F! cars from around 1969's and 70's... it's a night time Grand Prix and floodlit...the cars are in a hurry...after some experimenting, I found that by using +5 exposure compensation I could get a shot I could actually see. Then I wound down the shutter speed to around 1/320 which with panning I hoped would give a clear helmet and a spinning wheel...I'll add some more images as we go along...Kind regards Jeff

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The Singapore Grand Prix days began with F1 classics racing early in the evening in daylight, which gave me opportunities to try to capture clean shots at's a view (at 400 mm) from Turn 2 grandstand for context, plus a couple of hopefully reasonably clean cropped shots. My early shots tended to be at a fairly high shutter speed, freezing the action, but they were a enormous help in getting a sighting....Regards all, Jeff

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View at 400mm uncropped for context...

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More from the Grand Prix...regards all, Jeff

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...and McClaren...

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Hi all

Slowly going through my Singapore photos and here's a sneak at one or two more from the Grand Prix under flood lights.

I quite like the (green) Caterham car on Turn 2 (as they all are) with the car turning left, the wheels going right and the front left wheel in lock and the consequent spume of smoke and dust. Caterham have of course gone into liquidation since then so as far as I know we won't be seeing them again.

I'm also including a shot of Jenson Button (pink helmet) who we may not see again after this season unless he is offered a team place.

I have edited these a trice, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, they will be eagerly received as always.

Regards all, Jeff

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