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Sneak Peek - Photoshop CS6 content aware fill
Photoshop have been putting up some sneak peek videos on YouTube of new or improved features in their upcoming CS6 version. In this video, they show some new nifty tricks that the Content Aware Fill can do. The first one was pretty nice - when doing a fill, instead of copying data from the surrounding areas, you can now tell it where to grab the data from.

The next "move" feature though was pretty mindblowing - basically you can now do a selection and drag it to anywhere else in the image, and it will move the selection and erase the old using content aware fill. I'm sure you could do the same today albeit with a few more steps and a bit more trial and error, but this demo makes it look so effortless. Big Grin
Very cool. The photo-faker's new best friend...

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