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Sports Illustrated: Shooting from a Low Angle
I love articles that give an insight into how pro photographers do things. This story from Sports Illustrated (via dpnow) shows a technique used by Peter Read Miller, of shooting sports from a very low angle to give a unique perspective.

According to Miller, "...the main reason for shooting with this technique is that everyone looks more heroic from a lower angle."

Quote:When using this technique Miller almost always uses the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 zoom lens. This allows him some room to follow the running back right into the end zone by pulling back on the zoom as the player comes over the goal line. Miller says that there is a downside to using this technique. If you are down on the ground and the play goes the other way you are lost.
Although he shoots football primarily, he says that there are other applications too:

Quote:While Miller has used this low angle technique while photographing football the past few years he says that this technique can also be used while shooting other activities.

"I have always loved the low angle and it is something that can work well while shooting other sports," he said. "This is a classic picture in basketball that you see a lot by using the floor remote. This is also a technique you can use while shooting track and field to add more drama to your pictures."
Some warnings regarding the technique:

Quote:Miller said that one of the keys to making this technique work is the need to be far enough away from the subject that you can use a longer lens like the 70-200. If you are too close and have to use a wide-angle lens you get a lot of distortion as people's legs get really big and their heads get really small.
Anyway, I found a good read - hope you do too. Big Grin

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