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Star Wars 3
Whats with the colours on Ep 2? Did they shoot the whole thing in digital velvia? It looks disgusting at any minute during the battle scene I expected to see the Microsoft Windows logo hovering in the sky.

And as for the Ewoks etc they were a secondary role, JJ was a main character for several scenes.
........"Oh the pain?????" Dr Smith. Lost in space, (orig), maybe? :/
Cave canem
Danger Will Robinson!

Surprisingly I quite enjoyed the movie version of Lost in Space, in fact I'm going to watch it tonight thanks for the reminder Rufus! Smile
Hey - Lost in Space - I'm surprised you liked it too! It's not a very popular or well known movie, but it's one of the most memorable in my mind... Big Grin
Preferred the series myself, in B&W as well.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein
They reran the entire series over here a few years back and it was our Sunday ritual at the time to have a big lunch while watching "Lost in Space"!

We both liked the film was seriously underrated in my opinion.

I was a bit hot and cold on the film, thought they went astray a little.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein
Peted Wrote:thought they went astray a little.

Like this thread. Big Grin

Which I will now take further: anyone watch Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi channel?
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
If you're talking about the new version , yes, we watched it, (but not on the SciFi Channel), if you mean the old one, then no (maybe R did??), I never got into it. The new series was totally brilliant though....hoping they'll make some more!

Here is a spoof for you guys Episode III: A Lost Hope

I agree that Jar Jar is annoying. I hated they way anikan was portrayed in the clones, but the more I think about it is probably the way most of us would have acted at that age. On one hand you have palpitine telling him he is the most powerful Jedi he has ever seen. On the other the Jedi are in his eyes holding him back. It makes for a more believable fall to the dark side. He is not an inherently evil person. He wants to do good. Their has to be this conflict with in him for him to fall. If the emperor was not in a position to influence him he would never have fallen.

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I tried watching the new Battlestar series... was interesting to being with, but ho hum... bit boring actually.
Yes, the new BSG series is what I'm talking about. I actually didn't like the initial shows much. Very advanced for TV sci-fi, but I didn't get into the characters at first and actually wasn't intending to watch it.

Then I was bored one night and watched one of the episodes from later in the season - the writing had gotten MUCH better, and the show had developed some interesting plot twists.

The end-of-season two-show finale was amazing. Watch the reruns! It's a series that you have to watch all the way through or you'll miss a lot of the subtle themes ... like the ongoing one where the Cylon babe hints at "God's Plan" for Gaius. Cool stuff!
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Hi Slej,

Totally agree about Battlestar.....but we've only had one season of it over here and were wondering if there was to be any more. The only thing is your description of the end-of-season-two sounds a lot like our end-of season-one so I'm confused. Wondered if maybe we'd been shown both seasons straight through?

Without giving away the plot, maybe you can enlighten me as to whether we're at the same pont in the story as you or not. What would probably clinch it is if you could tell me whether a major character was assassinated in the last episode you saw?

Thanks Smile

I loved BSG back in the day. You mean there's a new version out? I'm going to have to stay tuned for that one.
Hey Mitch, did you see the first episode of Revelations? What did you think? I liked it. I think it's going to get very good. I'm not watching it to make judgment on accuracy or anything of the sort. I just want to see entertainment and I believe this show will definitely deliver.
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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NN: Yes, that was the end-of season show. Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II. (Part I was the week before, but there was no "to be continued" at the end so it may not have been apparent that it was a two-part show.) If you go here you can see episode summaries and deleted scenes:

Good news: unlike the original series, this one WILL have a second season! I think they committed to 20 new shows for season two. It starts in July.

Peto: haven't seen Revs yet; my wife and I had a date, but we recorded it and will probably watch it tomorrow. Smile Yes, there is a new BSG and, though it has some similarities (character names) it is quite different - much darker, with religious undertones. And the cylons can take human form*! Can't say anymore without giving away plot ... God has a plan for them. Big Grin Funny you haven't heard of it - it films in Vancouver and they have a lot of Canadian actors in the cast.

* Cylon and Victoria's Secret model - this is actually her cylon outfit!:
[Image: cylon.jpg]
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Oooh Revelations ... it's not showing here in Oz yet, but I saw a preview in Entertainment Tonight, which we import from the US (along with the funny accents). Big Grin

It certainly looks very controversial, if not interesting! The creators were saying that they weren't out to make any biblical textbooks.. it was just meant to be a good story...
slejhamer Wrote:* Cylon and Victoria's Secret model - this is actually her cylon outfit!:

Oh boy! Tongue I'll be looking at the listings for sure now. Big Grin
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images
Haha, Darth Vader has a blog now... Big Grin
That's pretty funny. Darth's deep!

Oh, for those who might have an interest (Peto), you can watch an entire episode of BSG, uncut and commercial free, right here:

It is episode "33", which was the first episode after the mini-series.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Well im a huge star wars fan as well. My High East DOncaster Secondary is havin a circulium day this friday the 20th MAy so i gonna go see it with me mates. At first we where gonna see it on thursday itself but we had to pay to get gold class and we thought that was to expensive
Good on you! It opens here in Melbourne on the 19th, so no doubt there will be queues out the door for the 12.01 session. I'm not sure when I'm going to see it yet, but can't wait... Big Grin
For you battlestar galactica fans it starts June Big Grin
TVTome BattleStar Galactica

Must say something if the cylons come from Alberta Wink
This reminds me of Staw Wars Episode one coming out, one of my sillier friends with more money than sense jumped on a plane from England to some east coast US town, went to see starwars 3 times, spent the night in a hotel, saw it once more, and flew home... now there's a geek! All because it came out 3 weeks earlier stateside!
Now that's fanaticism... Big Grin
I'm going to see it tonight!!! Star wars 3 that is...

We're seeing it on the VMAX screen - giant screen, supposed to be largest in southern hemisphere i think... Smile

Can't wait!!!

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