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State Surf Competition.
My first post in a long time, I've been struggling to get out and shoot much these past two years. I lost my wife, who was also my shooting partner nearly two years ago and I just lost interest.

Finally took my camera out and stumbled into a surf competition. Morro Bay, California.

All shot with a Canon 7DII plus a Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

[Image: 49632148643_d26f127480_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000

[Image: 49632670116_144b653c02_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000 - Note the Drone above him.

[Image: 49632148718_8998694b5d_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000

[Image: 49632940262_5f218bf297_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000

[Image: 49632940317_1fb8b2d64f_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000

[Image: 49632670396_77b030b0e9_b.jpg]
F/6.3, 1/5000

[Image: 49632670471_9d0d36b52e_b.jpg]Morro Surfer 06
F/6.3, 1/5000
A great set of action shots, Craig.


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