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Street photography
(May 21, 2017, 10:41)RobertMurariu Wrote: Hi there!
Few days ago i was inspired by a renowned photographer : John Free.Fohn Free's work is amazing,not by nowadays technical standards maybe, but by the way he captures emotion an by his philosophy on photographing people.He's organic,friendly and manages to captures the essence.
I was inspired by his philosophy,that as photographer you must destroy you brain's barriers and push yourself to get amazing captures, push yourself more and more in feeling unconfortable when people look at you with suspicion when you point the camera towards them.You must find a way breaking that wall, engage in conversation and win trust
I must admit i felt very unconfortable but it felt very rewarding because i only could get that kind of pictures only by overcoming that feeling of awkwardness.
Here i attach a few pictures from my experience on the street!
How do you guys feel about photographing people on the street?

I generally use my Olympus Tough TG870 24mp waterproof compact camera with built in WiFi and GPS, rather than a DSLR because, I read people may not feel that they are being photographed with a compact but to take an image with a DSLR requires the lens to be more generally pointed in their direction. I also tend to appear to be aiming with my body language to the side of a person or people and avoid direct eye contact, because of course with cameras in phones as well as compacts, street photos are almost, in my opinion taken for granted as a way of life. I hope this is of help.

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