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The art of Eileen Quinlan

Excerpt from "The photograph as contemporary art" by Charlotte Cotton(great book, I recommend you give it a read if you didn't already):
"Each of the images is unmanipulated, with an emphasis upon the imperfections and mistakes inherent in analogue photographic processes. Quinlan offers a meditation upon photography's enduring qualities of luck and happenstance."


Yellow Goya, 2007

I'm really curious what do you think about her work? Here's her official website for further browsing: Also, have you ever tried analogue photography? And if so, are you confident enough in your skills to share your work with others?

Though abstract photography is not my thing, I must admit they look nice.
I see photography more as a challenge when photographing humans so that's the road I'm on right now.
I mostly shoot digital because it's more convenient. But I do love and own some great SLRs like Pentax ME. And when I opened the fridge today, a Kodak Trix 400 did wink at me.

I know this is a digital photography forum, but I was just curious. I believe itțs important to view digital and analague, the masters of photography, of course, are still old school. I find her abstract work really eye-catching, even if I must agree with you that I prefer capturing people Smile

They are really interesting. I don't even know what analog is. Wink One more thing for me to google today lol.

I believe you never feel the true "feel" of a photograph until you shot film. You should give it a go!

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