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Thinking about Fujifilm Finepix S9400W

I have had Fujifilm Finepix S cameras for years, love them, and want to stay with Fujifilm Finepix. I shifted 'upwards' to gain extra zoom capabilities, as new cameras were developed. I have had my S3400 for several years (28x zoom) and love everything about it except that in video you can 1) hear the wind quite badly, and 2) hear the noise made by zooming in our out.

I'm ready to get better zoom capability. I've been doing research, and the S9400W has 50x zoom, has all the features I love about my current camera plus more, has a 'wind filter', and the price is right. The one down-side is that you can hear the zoom-in / zoom-out on videos, but I think I can live with that.

I am pretty 'sold' on it, but just learned of this group today, so thought I'd see if anyone has comments. There are so many different types of Fujifilm cameras. Wondering if there might be a better choice on Fujifilm camera in the same price range.

Thanks for any input. Kath }i{ (that's a butterfly Wink ... which I love to photograph)

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