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Treasure Hunter hello
I am an armchair treasure hunter that specializes in finding hidden clues in artwork, illustrations, and photography. I am hoping to enlist forensic assistance in identifying and clarifying the clues so others can see what I see. I have attached an example, Nicolas Poussin Et Arcadia Ego. Those 'smudges' near the leaves are lettering and numbers. He is very prolific in hiding clues in his art pieces. I stumbled onto this, not looking for this treasure. I believe it is associated with Rennes le Chateau.

I have meager photoshop skills to try to make this stuff visible, so any interest or assistance is welcomed.

As a hunter, I know how important clues are. I want to get these clues to the people that know what to do with them.[attachment=7410]
Hello & welcome to the photography forums!

How long have you been doing photography?
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

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