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UPDATED Please Read: Posting in the Photo Critique Forum Section
Purpose of Critique Forum: For members to post photos and learn how to make improvements; area of forum discussion

"Post your photo here if you want honest, but constructive feedback on your work. Reviewers, feel free to not "mince" your words, but please be constructive."

If you would like to know how to improve a photo, or have questions about a photo, then this is the section to post!

If you would like to offer suggestions, then feel free to!


Posters: Please post a photo the appropriate size allowed within the forum software (size not too small, but able to post to the forums); If a photo is too small, the feedback provided may be limited.

Add information about whether you took the photo in manual/automatic, along with any other information which will provide info to the readers.

Reviewers: Offer honest feedback on your thoughts in how to make improvements of the photo posted within the thread. Although, it is okay to be brutally honest, but please be respectful.

UPDATED suggestions by ShutterTalk members:

Helpful information: e.g. Where and when the image was captured; the camera and lens, and the settings used; whether it has already been post-processed beyond either the out-of-camera JPEG or beyond a simple Raw conversion.

Members freely give their time, perhaps to edit your image to see what might work best, and/or to post a reply with notes or explanations, possibly even an example edited image, in order to be helpful. Please respect their efforts, even if you disagree with their suggestions, and even if only by expressing a simple "Thank You" reply.

Barbara - Life is what you make of it!
Hi Barbara Why is it not showing post a thread when i go into the critique forum and also when i have managed to my photos never show up after i have done what is shown on the critique page ,i have tried many times with no success ,could you enlighten me to where i could be going wrong your help would be appreciated as i would like to post on Shuttertalk.
Many Thanks MBS

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UPDATED Please Read: Posting in the Photo Critique Forum Section3.52