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Vintage lens resurrection
Hi everyone
I know there are some of you here who used to shoot film in the old days.Since nowadays almost everyone shoots digital and autofocus lens I could not resist buying a vintage lens.You can find a bunch of them very cheap on Ebay no matter what brand you shoot, they are easily to adapt to almost any system.
I shoot Nikon crop Dslr's D7100 and D5300, for my event and commercial work I use pro nikkor 17-55 f/ 2.8, Tokina 11-16 Pro dx, and Samyang 135mm F2, all these are great lens but they're big ,bulky and heavy for everyday walk with camera in a neck strap. So I was looking for a vintage nifty fifty.After some research i chosed a Nikkor 50mm F2 Non AI for 35$, a bargain.
I was only able to use it with nikon d5300 due to some mettering issues with pro bodies.
I would talk about this lens for a hole day but I will make long story short, this lens surprised me, it has very nice bokeh, very sharp starting F2.8, not the sharpest in my kit but i don't care that much.

I never thought that i'm going to like this much manual lens for slow paced photography. .

I'm thinking to start hunting a vintage Nikkor 135mm soon

Do you guys have any experience with vintage lens on Digital Slr's?

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