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Voice annotation
Does anyone annotate their pictures using voice, either in camera or PC?

I can just imagine... "Star date 2938.23. This is Captain Shuttertalk of the USS enterprise. I have just captured a digital still recording of a flying vertabrate otherwise known as a "bird". This "bird" appears to be engaging in an activity known as "eating" of small fragments of vegetative materal known as "seed". " Big Grin
No it's just another gimmic to control. I don't have that much to say anyway.
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My Canon A75 allows this and to be honest I haven’t used it much. I guess my main concern with it is who else will be able to listen to the audio as I am assuming it will be in some Canon propriety format. Having said that, If you are taking photo's of the kids playing in the pool or at the park and you hear their laughter etc etc then I think this would add a new dimension to the photo. Something different from Video. But again - in a couple of years time will I still have the software to make it work. Another digital conundrum.
Yeah interesting idea Blurr. I think Sony has one model (DSC-M1 or H1 or something like that) that takes a couple of seconds of video before and after the shot - so you get a glimpse of the scene as you took it...
My last camera allowed this, and my wife's new one does... never used either.
I haven't used it yet, but it seems like it would be good for remembering exactly what/where something is for labelling or renaming later... My image mgmt software allows me to play the clips directly from the viewer (they are in .wav format, believe.) I never thought of audio clips as anything other than an easy notepad for myself.
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If I find something I really like the look of and don''t think i will be able to find it again I log the position on the portable GPS on my IPAQ.
Might be a good tool for the beginner using manual settings.
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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My Sony V1 has it but I have never used it. I have a small notepad and pen in my bag to take notes if I need to.
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