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Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch review
Just read a review on photographyblog about the Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch - a mid sized tablet that has the traditional pen interface but also tries to jump on the touch bandwagon with touch based gestures using your fingers.

I think this is a smart device - if you haven't already heard, apple has launched a magic trackpad which is basically an external laptop trackpad for desktop users. There is already a lot of positive feedback (from my reading anyway) about the device, and with this one from Wacom, you can switch between touch/trackpad and tablet modes at a click of a button.

That said, it doesn't have the apple logo and glitzy design... Big Grin

I can see this could be very useful indeed. Darkroom-style "analogue"-feel dodge and burn, for instance Smile Fascinating. Hats off to you for being out there scoping all the new kit, Jules!
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Actually looks pretty good to me - but very small tablet size. I have always felt that the appeal of tablets in general is that it brings your wrist back into drawing - painters use their wrist a lot, but a mouse only allows you to use the movement of your forearm to *sketch*. It seems to me that to properly utilize your wrist, your active tablet size would need to be at least 10" x 8".

Still an interesting development - thanks for the link.

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