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Wet Digital Camera
I'm a new member to this community and a relative newcomer with digital cameras. On a recent outing, I accidently drenched my Canon A-75. Is it worth getting repaired? Thanks for you help.
Would probably cost as much to repair as it would to buy a new one. They are going for as low as $140 if you can find one.

I assume you have tried removing and replacing batteries? How long has it been since it got wet? My Olympus survived being left out in a rainstorm, just had to let it dry thoroughly.

Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about your camera.
I think the minimum repair charge at Canon is US$115, so if Bob's number is correct, getting a new one is probably your best bet.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
I'd have to agree and say replacing it would be easier. It does depend on what steps you took after it was wet as well. If it is only very recent it may be possible to take it to another repairer other than Canon and have it taken apart and blow dried, if nothing has rusted (can't think of the proper term for it) or shorted out it may still work perfectly well.

I've had a similar issue with cell phones (mobiles for the locals) getting wet and providing it isn't left too long it can usually be fixed. Salt water is the worst though!
That's definitely not a 'happy chance' -- I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck.

If/when your electronics get wet, there's still hope. Open everything that will open, REMOVE the battery and any other power source, and take out the memory card and generally disassemble it as much as possible. Let it dry for at least a week before you try reconnecting power. It's not just water that's damaging, the combination of water and electricity is deadly to electronics. It accelerates corrosion and causes short-circuits. If the camera has had a couple of weeks to dry and still isn't working, it's time to go shopping.

I soaked my Sony F828 shortly after I got it. It was wrapped in a plastic bag, tucked in the bottom of the backpack I was wearing. After an hour of heavy rain, it was completely dead. It actually took ten days before moisture wasn't visible in the viewfinder.

After that experience, I bought a drybag to store my camera in when I was out with a chance of rain, and weatherproofing was a must-have when I went camera shopping again. (See my avatar for details.) Canon makes some great cameras, but Pentax and Olympus make some great waterproof cameras. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Wow, it's good to hear that there is hope for drenched electronics...

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