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What did God name... .. The First Woman ? Adam named her Eve.. ... !

What is the "name" God gave Eve, before Adam named her ?

and ... Why ? Cool

Hint: you WON'T find the answer... ... Unless you use ... "King Jimmy " ! er James !

I just adore Bible Trivia, God's Word is so FASCINATING.

Bible Trivia is a great idea for a "kewl - thread"

God's Word... It is 100% IMPOSSIBLE - mathematically for man, to have written THAT BOOK.

GOD WROTE THAT BOOK.. He says so !

I can show you things IN THAT BOOK that I bet you have never seen, even though you have read it countless times.

(chuckle).. .. God's sense of Humor is astounding at times, I have literally "fallen over' in hysterical laughter when I had discovered

so many wonderful things in God's Word.

The bible does NOT contradict itself. there are many places where this seems to be the case. But after careful study and comparison, the TRUTH is well known.

but only if you search for it Proverbs 2 1-4

The treasure is there, you gotta 'dig"

QUESTION: what did God name the FIRST woman ? Why ?

Chuckle well I guess I gotta spill the bible beans so to speak..

Her name was "Adam" !

its right there,, in the bible.. Genesis 5:2

Why ? because Jesus said.. . the two shall become ONE.


Jesus always quoted scripture.. !
so should we!

Psalm 119:11 Thy word have I hid in my heart. .. ... .. !

Anyone wanna guess which book in the bible is exactly like the entire bible ?

there are 12 reasons why !

HI... hubby and i are doing study on Genesis

He found something interesting - I would LOVE your take on it and any info u can help with Smile

God said he brought 'woman' to adam, this was BEFORE Adam called her 'woman'!! So, God KNEW (of course) he would call her that! But I never caught that before!! KEwl

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