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What did you get up to this weekend?
de_axeman Wrote:But I think they don't see too well up close.

Aaah, ok. Might need to use the dioptre adjustment on the viewfinder then Big Grin
haha lol ...
rufus sees the world in a fdifferent perspective ^___^
peter Wrote:rufus sees the world in a fdifferent perspective ^___^

maybe that's why he's such a post-processing genius Big Grin
de_axeman Wrote:Also, dogs (particularly those suited to hunting) have eyesight that are very sensitive to movement and hence induces them to chase down the movement source, which lends some truth to the piece of advice not to run when a dog chases you. But I think they don't see too well up close.

elephants are the same. which is apparently why they dont like mice - they move too fast and they can't tell what they are becos they're too small.
This is counter culture from the underground
Eternal revolution this is our sound
KMFDM better than the best
Megalomanical and harder than the rest
Hey I found out the other night that you don't have to bathe cats (well unless they fall into a goo pit)...

Didn't realise that - I thought you had to wash them just like with dogs... Big Grin
* dewy hates cats, but I suppose one named after the thing i kill 'em with could be ok =P

momo = tyre rim brand =P
3 x GoPro Cameras
1 x Canon S100
1 x Nikon D5100
1 x Sony DSC-TX10
Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Retina Display)

"What do you want to pack today?"

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What did you get up to this weekend?00