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What do you shoot most of?
Just wondering what people take most photos of? Some people love flowers, trees, etc.

I tend to like landscapes and inanimate objects. And the hardest for me is taking photos of people - because they keep moving! Big Grin

MACROS!!! Anything! Just Close Up!

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Awesome shot, ramboy!
I'm sort of semi pro.....ish.....

I do a few weddings and portrits. Lots of contract PJ type things, and then I shoot old churches and musical instruments.
Some folks dont like me..... I spit on multiple light setups, photoshop, and £1200 lenses. It the photographer that counts, not the equipment!

Yes folks, I'm a CHRISTIAN AND a troublemaker! Smile

Can I be a moderator please? Rolleyes
Cave canem
Rufus Wrote:I do a few weddings and portrits.

Hey, I'm shooting a wedding in a couple of days... any tips?

Rufus Wrote:It the photographer that counts, not the equipment!

Amen to that! Wink
Tips in other thread!
Cave canem

Mostly, I shoot people: candid shots, before they can try to pose and put on that fake smile.
I'd take pictures of them without them noticing, getting the most natural expressions. Smile

I also like to shoot nature, like pink skies and any other beautiful creation of God.
I am still experimenting, this is my first camera, so I do a bit of everything, doing a lot of lanscapes tho, little macro =)
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