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What lenses do you own and why, and how do you rate them ?
I have owned the Sigm 17-70 for about 3 weeks now, got it together with my EOS 350D instead of the kit lens.

So far, I'd give it a guarded thumbs up. Build quality seems excellent. Autofocus very quick; some say it's noisy but it doesn't bother me. Seems to suffer fairly significant barrel distortion at the 17 end (more than I expected anyway). Also suffering from a fair share of out of focus shots, but not sure if that's down to me getting used to the very small viewfinder on the 350D (I came from a EOS 100 with BIG viewfinder). Nice and sharp though across the frame and even wide open, as far as I can tell. Colours are perfect. Macro function is outstanding, even at full zoom I can focus on flowers etc from as close as a couple of centimeters.

phlip Wrote:You might want to check out Sigma's new lens .... it is the 17-70 Sigma DC 2.8-4.5.
I have the older lens that I think this replaces, 28-105mm F2.8-4.0. It is fairly soft and the F2.8 drops to F3.5 at about 30mm, that said it was a pretty cheap lens and as long as you are only planning to print at smaller sizes it is handy sometimes.
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Hello all
I am new to Shuttertalk (but what a wonderful site and peopled it seems by genuine and enthusiastic photographers).
I am a bit of a dinasaur, in that untill 'a few years ago' my gear was a couple of Leica M3's (with some lovely old lenses I can detail later if anyone is interested). When I considered I was wealthy enough, I moved to Nikon with an F401 and then some time later - big upgrade, the F601. (Nikon 35-70 lenses plus a small range of second hand (non Nikon tele and zooms). Using mainly B+W Ilford films with the Leica gear and colour transparencies with the Nikon. I look back through the albums (and cartons!), and am still happy with most results.
A year ago went Digital.
Bad move , (being technologically challenged from an early age my frustration levels soared, family life suffered (don't talk to Grandad, he's playing with his new camera) and my life generally went into decline.
As a commitment to digital ( yeah right), I sold my darkroom (also the small amount of $$ helped pay for my new frustration) and then tried to learn how to use electronics to do my post processing. A year later am still challenged, (just enrolled in a course for Elements 4 by a chap called Shane Gould, am very impressed so far, at least he's got me organising an album!!).

Am now getting keen.
Anyway, to the reason for this chatter:
I have a D70's with standard 18-70 lense and an oldish 80-200 2.8D (ED).
Yesterday picked up the new 18-200VR (which was on order for 3 months).
Wouldn't part with my first 2 lenses but from what people say the 18-200 might get stuck on the camera.
As a final aside, of any lense I have used or seen results from, providing the photographer is imaginitive, competent and visionary the Nikon 80-200 2.8D has got to be just the best. Simply a wonderful collection of glass. (Heavy and cumbersome tho but I think worth it).

I really enjoy (usually late at night) seeing peoples shooting results and reading the chatter on Shuttertalk..
Great site and brilliantly managed.

Regretably no photos to put up for review at this point in time but perhaps when I get familiar with how it all works and I build a digital collection I might have something I won't be too shy to post.

Regards to all,
Tony P Smile
New Zealand.
Hey Tony, welcome and thanks for that great introduction...

Hope you make yourself at home here - we're all pretty friendly and we're all here to learn so feel free to share your photos or frustrations or whatever's on your mind. Big Grin

Welcome to Shuttertalk. Smile
Thanks for the welcome Jules and EnglishBob.
I lost the plot of the subject (» What lenses do you own and why, and how do you rate them ?).

Currently the 80-200 is my favourite for Portraits (I like to do 'candid' portraits and this lens allows me to shoot from a distance with a small DOF giving backgrounds I just love. (don't know if they are technically good or not tho).
Favourite subject other than the portraits is horses and again this lens seems to me a winner.
Nags are tricky things to shoot.
As a novice I rate this lens somewhwre up at 8-9 out of 10 for me.

The 18-70 lens (3.5-4.5 G ED) that came with the camera is a honey in my opinion and lived on the camera for walkaround, but will probably go up for sale now I've had a play with the new extravagance, ( took me weeks to talk "her who must be obeyed" into agreeing I couldn't live without it - now I heard it reffered to as Tony's extravagance).
BUT, have had a play with it! Wow don't do it justice.. This might get difficult to remove from my camera methinks.
Will post a couple of pics in the next day or so and see what you thinks.


Hi Tony,

Welcome to Shuttertalk... Smile

You are a lucky man... Smile I ordered my 18-200 VR on December the 20th, and I am still waiting... Sad

Look forward to seeing some of your pictures.. I have seen landscape pictures of your country and it is beautiful Smile

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Thanks Irma and yes NZ has beutiful scenery but I have seen many of your posts over the last few months and am envious of both your scenery and your talent Smile. (Particularly a picture you made of a lake scene with a large house in the background? I think. And a door??).

Yes the waiting list here in NZ is about 6 months!! I got mine a wee bit early as the chap at the shop where I bought the D70's is a bit of a fan of a couple of old cameras I have and I think he thinks he's going to buy one off me when I get fully hooked on digital.:/ We'll see.

I don't have a scanner to computerise my negs and slides and aren't particularly proud of any of my digital photo's but will put some up for comments in next day or so.


I am truely looking forward to seeing some pics of yours! with all that background in photography, they just have to be great!

And welcome to ST!


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