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What's your FpD (tm) ?

If you're like me, you go crazy taking photos on trips and special occasions. When I was shooting film, I averaged about 1 roll per day on vacations. Now with digital though, there aren't really any restrictions apart from storage space...

I've coined a new term FpD, or Frames per Day ™ to measure the average number of frames you take per day Big Grin

For example: On a recent trip to Sydney, I took approximately 220 shots over 3 days... so that's ~ 73 FpDSmile Would have been more, but I ran out of space and had to keep deleting shots.

I'm sure other people have done significantly more though. C'mon... what's your FpD ™ ?

HEHE! The most recent one, a church camp which went from Saturday until Tuesday.
So thats 4 days, according to my camera's continuous file numbering, the first image was 5173 and the last 6225, = 1052 pictures in 4 days. (actually maybe more because something happened to the numbering when I didn't delete properly, and some with the same filename were overwritten when I loaded it to the computer.

263 fpd (tm?) . Smile hahaha

My highest FpD is approximately 150. But I accidentally pressed on format button and deleted them all in less than 10 secs... the pain

Ouch!!! the pain!! Sad
Last time my dad was looking through camera and wanted to delete one picture, but accidentally deleted all of them Sad gone!!!
Happened so long ago that it's too late to try to recover them now Sad.

but the Lexar cards can let you recover?

adam Wrote:but the Lexar cards can let you recover?

I haven't had any experience in this, but I would imagine that the filesystem on the flash cards would operate in the same way as PC hard disks... so you should be able to undelete stuff, provided those "deleted" files haven't been written over already.

I posted some news on this a few days back...

Hehe I shot my first wedding yesterday, and went a bit overboard - 1068 pics! But I've got to sort through them all now and pick the best ones... oooh the pain Sad

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