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Which lens?

I have just bought a Pentax K5 and have aquired a few lenses (some from an older film days) and as I won't use them all was wondering which ones to keep. I have a
Pentax DA 16-45mm auto
Tokins 70-210mm auto
Tamron aspherical 28-200mm auto
Sigma aspherical 24-70 mm
Miranda 28mm manual
Vivitar 2 X converter manual
Chinnon f 1.9 50mm manual

Which should I keep and which should I get rid of? Any advice would be welcome.


Hello David, and welcome.

Just one thing to be aware of when using some old, non-Pentax, film lenses on your K-5. Some of them have an extra pin, copied from Ricoh's old K-mount lenses, which might cause the lens to get stuck on a Pentax digital camera body, so check for that. It looks like this:


Other than that, I would keep all your lenses - old or recent, they are all likely to give good results with a suitable subject, and they will be fun to experiment with. The older ones might only allow you to use them with manual control - no auto-focus and/or no auto-aperture - but they are still easy to use on the K-5 once you get the hang of it.


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