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Windows XP SP2 Release.
Windows XP SP2 official Release is out!

Basically, these are the 2 most noticeable features i saw in it:
-DirectX 9c
-Security Center

The security center includes a configurable firewall and easy access to the automatic update function.

To get ready for SP2 enable your auto updates, and it should be coming soon.

For more, visit the SP2 page on the microsoft website.

If you are impatient and don't mind the 275mb file, or have several computers running XP. Click Here! to download the network installer.

I've been running SP2 Beta version for a while, and the official release seems to be working fine. For now that is ^__^
Just came out?
Oh!, I thought it's been around for years now, or maybe as you said, the beta.

I'm not that excited about it though.
Yeah .. the beta version has been out for ages ...
i dont see much change from the beta version ...

actually i dont see any at all ...

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