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Hey I have my Saturday free so I'm going to do a photography workshop at one of the local camera stores that has a studio. I'm quite excited about it, I've done a couple before but they weren't overly exciting. Image attached Wink


[Image: 53_LP2small.jpg]
Interesting! Make sure you take notes and tell us what you learn!

Btw that image is almost too hot for this site... (hope you don't mind, I did a bit of editing Big Grin)
Oh my! I just looked at the original didn't notice that! *blush*

I'm more curious to how they light the glamour photos and all the accessories and colour that is involved than the actual content.
StudioJ Wrote:I'm more curious to how they light the glamour photos and all the accessories and colour that is involved than the actual content.

That's what they all say... Big Grin
Oh you reminded me.. I'm going to a Kodak Focus Event tomorrow night... not sure what to expect there. Should I bring my camera? Or will that look really nerdy/geeky?

I've got my business cards ready, and set to do some networking... Smile
As rare as it is that I'd say to go without this would be one of the ocassions, I don't know that there would be much there for you to shoot. They normally just give some details of whatever they are trying to push at the moment and give a few demonstrations and mingle. Make sure you take your business cards though and dress up!

I'd give serious consideration to the Kodak SLR for a studio camera, from what I've read its great with low noise images and has beautiful quality for huge images, great price compared to the Canon 1DS or Medium Format Digital.

Let us know what you think of it.
Sure... will do!
Ok well I went to the workshop yesterday, bit of a mixed bag. I've just finished dinner and I'm having a few glasses of wine so I can't be stuffed going into details at the moment, stay tuned though Smile
Especially interested in learning about "The Big One!" ...

Big Grin
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Ooh, tell us how it went, J Smile
The Big One... to be honest I couldn't put my finger on what that actually was. Perhaps the beauty light or the last light setup used. The term wasn't mentioned during the day just on the flyer.

It was a bit of a mixed bag for the day, the beginning was interesting with a talk on colour theory, complementary colours, what colours don't work with this kind of photography and then an hour or so spent going through the four principle lighting setups, after that the studio was setup and the model was put into action and we went through the ligthing setups and took turns taking shots and posing the model. I wasn't overly excited about that part I was more interested in the lighting.

There were a few greedy people who jumped in every opportunity they could get and given that the lighting was done by a wireless trigger it was hard to pry it away from them, two guys kinda wrecked that side of the day, as an example I went close to filling up a 512mb card shooting in RAW (10% in ISO 100 the rest at ISO 1600) while this nameless person managed to fill 2 x 1gig cards shooting in RAW 50% of the shots at ISO 100

It was nice to talk to a few local photographers though and check out some of the hardware.

Below are a couple of shots taken from the day, the first two just candids and the last one of my shots from the day which has Slej's SF action applied using the lens option and an edge mask and then dropped back down to 30% as the light was already fairly soft.

[Image: CRW_6230.jpg]

50mm 1/50 f1.8 ISO 1600 - Neat Image & High Pass Sharpening

[Image: CRW_6231.jpg]

24-70 @ 24mm 1/25 f2.8 ISO 1600 - Neat Image & High Pass Sharpening

[Image: CRW_6266.jpg]

50mm 1/125 f6.3 ISO 100 - Mitch's SF & edge mask, Eye retouch, shadow lift hair and lower face, blemish removal, high pass sharpening, slight saturation and contrast boost.
Wow, sounds interesting, J. I would love to learn more about colour and lighting and studio setups...

I think all my shooting so far has been with exisitng lighting and environments -- never deliberate setup of lighting and stuff like that. One day... Smile
Interesting tale. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see the action in action.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!

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